I’m always thinking about what’s next. What my next race is. What my next training session will be like. What the next new piece of gear I want to try out is. What kind of new ways I can use the gear I do have. This blog is mostly going to be about my races, my training, what I love about running and my experimentation with new ideas. Some of my day job as a Software Developer and Manager may sneak in. There will also likely be posts about balancing being the father of three, an active church life, being a husband, and my running ambitions. We’ll see where this goes. Mainly I want to start off by capturing and reporting on my races and some of my favorite training routes.One of the things I love is running in the Pacific Northwest. I feel so blessed to have Cougar Mountain in my backyard. It’s running on these streets and trails that overwhelms me with how amazing it is to live here.

Current PRs:

Marathon: 2014 St. George 2:52

Half: 2015 Lake Sammamish 1:18:25

5k: 2014 BAA 17:25

Ultras Completed: 2013 White River 50, 2014 Scout Mountain Ultra Trail 100k


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