2016 North Face Endurance Challenge 50M

No real time to write a full race report but I did run the 2016 North Face Endurance Challenge Gore Tex 50 Miler. That’s a really long race name.

I didn’t train for it in a way that would let me work on a personal best or really push my limit – but I still ended up pretty wiped out and exhausted.

It filled an important need I had to get out and do something since our pending move was taking longer than expected and I needed to take out some of my frustrations on some trails. As usual, Carrie was more than kind in allowing me to do this.

The other reason I was so excited about it was because it was my brother Kerry’s first Ultra as well. He was running the 50k. Throughout the day I hoped I would be able to catch up to him – I started earlier but I also had an extra 20 miles to run.

I did catch him the last five miles and it was great to be able to share this with him. The little brother in me took some sadistic pleasure in his struggle to power through the last few miles but I was mostly encouraging.

In the end I finished in just under nine hours: https://www.strava.com/activities/824544051


As usual – thanks to Brooks for some amazing gear. Their shorts and shirts don’t get enough love. They have some really nice fabrics that are great to run in.


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