Summer Runnin’ – Having a Blast!

Each quarter the members of my running team (SRC-Brooks) submit a short write up for the club. Here’s a preview of mine.

My focus this Summer was visiting as many of the classic NW trails as possible. My Brooks Pure Grit 5 and Cascadia 11s were perfect for bagging some epic peaks and Alpine Lakes. This summer I ran up the following for the first time:

  • Mailbox Peak – everything they say about the brutal incline up the old trail is true! Insane climb to the top with epic views. Loved every minute of it.
  • Gem Lake / Snow Lake – ran up it early and beat the crowds. Beautiful lakes and peaks. I saw my first avalanche up close but luckily not too close.
  • Granite Mountain – It was a beautiful clear day and an awesome run. Great 360 degree views.
  • Sahale Glacier and Hidden Lake Lookout – It was overcast for most of the day when I ran these two. However, I was able to get above the cloud level on my way up Sahale and was treated to a majestic cloud waterfall.
  • Kendall Katwalk – Great views and a really unique trail.

I did a few semi competitive races. I took first place at the Access to Justice 5k in my Brooks Racer ST 5s. I also took first rockin my Pure Grit 5s at the August Cougar Mountain Trail Series 5k.

I ran the Sundodger 8k open with the Cross Country team and took 275th in 30:50. It’s always fun and humbling to go up against the collegiate athletes.

I ended the Summer by completing an adventure run I’ve been dreaming of for a long time – a two-day circumnavigation of Mount Rainier on the 93 mile 22k feet of gain Wonderland Trail. It was the adventure of a lifetime and the hardest thing I’ve ever done in terms of running. I did it solo and I carried all of my own water and food – although I did resupply between day 1 and day 2 when I slept at the National Park Inn at Longmire. I loved how the views of the mountain changed as you traveled around it. I also appreciated the rhythm of running down the switchbacks, crossing a river, running up the switchbacks, and getting overwhelmed by natural beauty – repeated 10 times.

I’ve assembled 15 photos each from a different run that were my favs of the day.


Olympic National Park – Near Deer Lake


Olympic National Park – Pyramid Peak overlooking Lake Crescent


Stuart Peak outside of Missoula Montana


Goose Rock Deception State Park


The eponymous Mailbox


Gem Lake


Hidden Lake was hidden in the clouds but the Paint Brush was amazing


Sahale Arm


Hampstead Heath


Poo Poo Point


Granite Mountain


Squaw Peak, UT


Kendall Katwalk


Mount Rainier at sunrise. A sight for sore eyes after 4 hours of night running.


Mount Rainier on Day 2 of my Wonderland Trail adventure




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