Adventuring on the Olympic Peninsula

My longest bike ride ever, alpine lakes and waterfalls, and mountain peaks were the backdrop for some  adventure on the Olympic Peninsula over Memorial day weekend.

Biking on the Olympic Discovery Trail – 37.5 Miles

In order to allow the family to have a more leisurely morning but still reserve a good site at Fairholme campground I rode my bike from our hotel in Port Angeles to the campground along the Olympic Discovery Trail. It  was a fun bike ride – but let’s be honest – I’m really just not a biker. I would rather be on a mountain trail. I got a bit lost and ended up on a mountain trail around part of Lake Crescent and had to carry my bike along some cliffs. I’m not sure if the actual bike route was closed or if I just missed a turn. I also had a nice crash when I was riding my bike on the hiking trail and I tried to go over an erosion control ditch that was deeper than I thought it was. However I survived and I snagged us a great campsite. It was my longest bike ride ever.

Alpine Lakes from Sol Duc Trail Head

This trail was much more technical than what I’m used to. Lots of rocks and water to navigate through. It slowed the pace but finding the Lakes was worth it. After some rainy weather earlier in the weekend the sun actually made an appearance. Found some snow at the higher elevations. When I completed I noticed on Strava that I was second to none other than my friend Kieth on one of the climbs. Would have loved to push further with some more time…

Pyramid Peak

This trail was much more runnable than the trail from Sol Duc. About as much gain but a much faster pace. Rode my bike from camp to the trailhead. It was a really fun peak to bag. Blasted down at a good clip – it was a kick in the pants. Saw that a few folks were camped out at the top – might like to try that some time.


Wore my Brooks Cascadia 11s for both runs. Great long haul trail shoe that can take a beating on a technical trail.


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