What’s Next in 2016?

2016 will be another #RunHappy year for me as part of the Seattle Running Club Brooks Competitive team. I’ve been salivating over the new shoe lineup and look forward to putting some miles in on the Ravenna 7, the Launch 3, the Cascadia 11, and the Grit 4. So far I’ve loved the Grit 4 and it performed well at the Bridle Trails 10M.

Along with that I have a few goals for the year.

  1. Complete the Badger Mountain Challenge 100 mile race in less than 24 hours. If this goal is accomplished all of my friends can look forward to see this belt buckle a lot this year:935653_10200746945532446_1607728304_n
  2. Run the Double Boston. My friend Gavin Woody did this a few years ago and told me about it before I ran my first Boston. Start at the finish line early in the morning and then run up to the starting line arriving about when you are supposed to start. Turn around and run back. Since the SRC Brooks team is focused on ultrarunning I figure this is a good way to turn Boston into an Ultra. My first two Boston experiences were so focused on a time goal that I didn’t really enjoy running in front of a half million people as much as I should of. So the plan this year is to slow down, take some selfies, tweet a lot, and run it twice.
  3. Write more interesting blog posts. I write a lot of generic self indulgent race reports. This year I want to write more about why I do these crazy things and what I learn about running and myself as I test my limits and have new experiences.
  4. Successfully balance adding a fourth child to the family in July with running and all the other demands of life…

So some good things to look forward to! What’s not on the list? Setting new PRs. I plan on being competitive on the trails this year and I’ll continue to train hard – but I won’t spend as much time on the road chasing a few more minutes on my marathon PR. This year is about being on the trails and enjoying what I love about running. If I set a new PR that will be a bonus – but with everything going on this year I kind of doubt it will happen.


One comment

  1. I’m in love w/ your goals this year!! I really hope you snag that belt buckle- but my favorite is the Boston double! Because of the joy!! It just sounds so fun! (I’ll start praying now for good weather). Also, big congrats on the new baby coming!

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