2015 Running Year in Review

I’ve run more this year than any year of my life. I ran more than 240 race miles. I set PRs in the 15k, half marathon, full marathon, 50k and 50 mile distances. It’s been great to be part of the #SRCBrooks team. Just knowing that I’m part of the team and representing the club was a huge motivation boost. In addition having so many super fast and experienced runners to tap into for advice has also helped me meet most of the goals I set when the year began. I strongly encourage anyone who is passionate about running to get involved with the club and get on the team if you have the chance.

I was recently accepted to be on the team again next year so I’m looking for another round of #RunHappy.

One somewhat unexpected running event this year was winning a few races. I never really thought I would win a race outright – at least one that had more competitors than my children. But this year I won three Cougar Mountain races against some decent competition. My first trail run was one of the Cougar Mountain races five years ago and at that point winning one was unimaginable.

It’s fun to reflect on how you get to certain points in your life. I didn’t really run in High School – I did track but worked out with the jumpers because they didn’t have to run as much as everyone else. I was far more focused on debate team than anything remotely athletic. I even remember considering trying to go to the Naval Academy but being worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the physical fitness requirements. I’m sure it would surprise a lot of folks back at Blackfoot High School that Matt Hong the king of the debate nerds was running 50 mile mountain races and sub 3 hour marathons.

Final Year of Run Happy Goal Update

Back in January I put up a post with my running goals for the year. Here’s an update on them:

  1. Shave about an hour off my 2013 Whiteriver 50 time – from 9:26 to 8:30
    1. I count this as complete although I ended up about 90 seconds over 8:30. Check!
  2. Place in the top 2 of the 2015 Cougar Mountain Trail Running Series Long Series (As there are only a few series completions each year this will likely be determined if any conflicts pop up preventing me from running one of the 4 races)
    1. Done! Finished 1st and completed all 4 races.
  3. Run a sub 1:20 Half Marathon
    1. Done! Ran 1:18 at Lake Sammamish
  4. Run a sub 2:50 Full Marathon
    1. Missed this at St. George by 51 seconds. It’s good to not complete at least one goal to know you have something to work toward next year
  5. Support my wife in any running goal she decides upon
    1. She had a huge Marathon PR at St. George!

Shoe of the Year

Brooks Pure Grit 3


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