New Marathon PR!

It’s taken a while to get this up so I’m just going to do bullets.

Here’s the results on Strava.

  • It was a great trip
  • Didn’t quite reach my goals
  • It’s Interesting how much your expectations determine your joy or frustration in so many situations.
  • There were some nice amenities provided to “elite” runners – basically they just take the top 200 or so runners based on their self reported expected finishing time
    • Heat generators at the start
    • Extra porta potties
    • Extra space in the corral
  • We had fun connecting with some old friends and enjoyed the expo. I bought my cliff items and a pair of sunglasses and some cheap gloves to throw away.
  • The start was much warmer than the last two years but still cool
  • The start was right on time despite concerns about all the people still at the start.
  • Carrie and I separated at the start when she was waiting in line for the commoners potty.
  • First few miles were right on schedule and I was feeling great. Although I knew that The race didn’t really start until we get to the Veyo Hills
  • I think I over analyzed my pace band and agonized over hitting splits too much.
  • When I hit the half I was more than a minute behind my goal and I knew I had to negative split by quite a bit to hit my goal. I pretty much gave up on 2:45 and started thinking about 2:50.
  • I also had too much fun running downhill on 15 and 16 when I ran sub 6 miles.
  • That led into a serious side stitch that I couldn’t run through. I ended up walking for a couple of minutes which got me all bent out of shape and in a negative state of mind. I just about gave up on 2:50 at this point. Mile 17 clocked in at 7:07 and it was supposed to be one of the fastest miles of the day. After I worked out the side stitch I had to back off to prevent it from coming back. 18 and 19 were both just under 7:00 and that was my low point. I thought about dropping back and waiting for Carrie to cheer her on.
  • The #3 female pulled past me at this point and I decided to just try to pace off her as long as I could
  • We kept a decent pace for miles 20 and 21 but then she started to fade a bit.
  • We hit mile 23 right around 2:30 and I thought to myself – I just need to run a 20 minute 5k to meet my goal – that’s like 6:30 miles. I dug deep and accelerated.
  • I passed a few people that last few miles including the woman I had been pacing off of. I tried to pull her along but she was really hurting and faded.
  • I felt like I was still behind the pace I needed for 2:50. I spotted a guy about 30 seconds ahead of me that I thought was probably right where I needed to be but I just couldn’t catch him.
  • The last three miles were: 6:25 6:30 6:23. I hit the paces I thought I needed but I had miscalculated! I forgot about the last .2 and I ended up 47 seconds over my goal. I had some significant leg cramps the last mile that I was able to run through but that prevented me from speeding up.
  • Overall as I reflect on the day I’m happy with my effort. I set a new PR and as I get older I won’t have too many more of those to celebrate. I finished in the top 50 of a huge race (5450 finishers) and moved up 22 spots from last year. Results
  • I could have run 2:50 if I eliminated a few mistakes and ran harder through some of the mentally challenging sections of the day. I’m sure I could have. But that gives me something to work on next time.
  • Carrie also had a huge 5 minute PR (3:44) but had some higher expectations. I’m super proud of her. It was another dual PR day for the Hongs.
  • My brother Tim also ran this as his first marathon and he rocked it – 3:57!

Ran in my Brooks racer ST5s and loved the gear as always!


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  1. Nice work (as usual!) Matt. I totally agree with how important your expectations/goals/attitude are, makes ALL the difference. Ironically, my best ultra results were when I took a camera along and started nice and slow. I guess having the camera along to take pictures made me feel like I wasn’t racing.

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