King of Cougar – Goal Achiever

Just a quick post to report on the final race of the 2015 Cougar Mountain Trail Long Series on August 8. I don’t have any photos for this race but I took 4th place in 4:09:36. I had aspirations of completing the long series sweep by taking home first place but it was not to be. I did end up winning the long series and thus have claimed the title of King of Cougar.

A few bullet points about the race:

  • Most, if not all the folks who ended up beating me were last minute adds from the cancelled Angel’s Staircase race. So my streak of good luck I used to squeak out wins came to an end since this was a more talented field than the others this year. In fact, as I googled them it looks like the top two were both former members of the MLS Sounders. I’m kind of proud about racing somewhat competitively with a couple pro athletes – although they looked like they were just enjoying the day and having a stroll while I was suffering.
  • I did not hydrate well at the last aid station and I underestimated the last seven miles which came back to haunt me – part of that was due to misinterpreting the course map when I looked at it ahead of time.
  • The family showed up at the finish line and it was fun to carry my Abby Jo my 18 mo old across the finish line.
  • Last 5 miles were really painful. The day got hot and I started to cramp up. Plus as I mentioned I didn’t have enough liquid. Cramps started to rear their ugly head. I also got a bit complacent when I realized I wasn’t going to win and went into a “just finish” headspace.
  • I went out too fast as usual – got excited about taking the sweep and led for about 6 miles. Too ambitious as always.
  • Won an awesome bag of swag
  • I have a huge collection of Cougar Mountain stuff laying around the house after running all 4 races. I love the mountain so it makes me happy.

Year of Run Happy Goal Update

Back in January I put up a post with my running goals for the year. Here’s an update on them:

  1. Shave about an hour off my 2013 Whiteriver 50 time – from 9:26 to 8:30
    1. I count this as complete although I ended up about 90 seconds over 8:30. Check!
  2. Place in the top 2 of the 2015 Cougar Mountain Trail Running Series Long Series (As there are only a few series completions each year this will likely be determined if any conflicts pop up preventing me from running one of the 4 races)
    1. Done! Finished 1st and completed all 4 races.
  3. Run a sub 1:20 Half Marathon
    1. Done! Ran 1:18 at Lake Sammamish
  4. Run a sub 2:50 Full Marathon
    1. Missed this at Boston by 4 minutes. Will make another run at it at St. George in October.
  5. Support my wife in any running goal she decides upon
    1. I don’t want to speak for my wife so she will need to let me know how I’m doing on this one. She is getting wicked fast and I think she is going to rock her next race. She’s seeing some good results of some hard training.


Pure Grit 3 of course!


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