The Greatest Running Month of My Life

I’m full of hyperbole in the title but a lot of exciting running events and milestones have happened this month. Consider:

  1. The epic adventure run through The Enchantments
  2. Running the Royal Parks, Thames, and Towpaths in London July 7 to 9. I really like the city guides that Strava provides.Photo Jul 09, 10 40 59 PM
  3. I won the Cougar 20 race on July 11. This makes me 3 for 3 on Cougar Mountain this year! This time I led wire to wire and ran most of it on my own which was a new experience for me. Trying to balance the equation of maintaining a good pace and forcing the others to work hard to catch up with not pushing as hard since there is no feel for the competition. I knew I wanted to keep them out of sight to not give them hope. I also didn’t want them too close since I don’t really have much of a finishing kick. Here’s the results. I’m currently leading the long series by more than an hour going into next week’s finale.
  4. I set a new PR for the Hong Family challenge of 9:11 on July 20 – an 8 second improvement. It would have been even faster but I had to run through some traffic.
  5. I ran my best ultra to date at the 2015 White River 50 on July 25. I’ll post a full race report later. It was like an entire lifetime in 1 day – full of highs, lows, blood, stings, and smiles.
  6. Running through Central Park and across the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this week. NYC city guidePhoto Jul 29, 5 11 50 AM

Is it a coincidence I wore the amazing Pure Grit 3’s for all three of these adventures? I think not. They are my favorite shoes. Seriously love ’em.

Another pic from the Cougar 20

Another pic from the Cougar 20


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