2015 Brooks Trailhead 15k

Had a nice low key race on Saturday at the Brooks Trailhead 15k. I spent most of the race chasing a guy I ran closely with during the Cougar 10M three weeks ago – Dustin Hinkle. He was pretty locked into six minute pace and I couldn’t find enough energy to challenge him for fourth place in the final couple of miles so I ended up in 5th in 58:29 (6:05 pace) right about 30 seconds behind Dustin – which I’m pretty happy with. I ran a decent race and had a good time.

As the middle aged man group winner (35-40) I won a trucker hat and a water bottle – woo woo!

Spent most of the time with the guys from the SRCBrooks team – Evan and Olin. Evan won the 10k and Olin took 2nd in the 15k. They won trucker hats, water bottles, and free entry into next years race.

Went for a four mile run after the race which was more painful than gainful I think.



Gear – the usual uniform

  1. Brooks Rev III SRC Team Singlet in lime Green.
  2. Brooks Infiniti 3″ split shorts  – Shorty Shorts!
  3. Brooks Race ST5
  4. Garmin Fenix 3 – really liking this watch so far. It was a splurge purchase at the Expo since they had them for 15% off.

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