My Best Training Week Ever!

February has been all about putting in the hard training work needed to power me to some good finishes in March and April at the Lake Sammamish Half, Chuckanut 50k, and Boston Marathon. It started out poorly with a week of sickness but since than I’ve put together two of the stronger weeks I’ve ever done. My basic training philosophy is to do a variety of workouts that combine both hard miles and recovery miles. I do maybe one slower run a week but for the most part I try to put something into every run that is making me stronger.

Last week I feel like I had the best week of training I’ve ever had:

  • Monday: 11 mile early morning run with an 8 mile sustained section in the middle at 6:15 pace.
  • Tuesday: 8 mile lunch run with Clyde Hill repeats (8:24 pace, 1421 ft gain)
  • Wednesday Morning: 5.25 early morning easy trail run (9:38 Pace, 1145 ft gain)
  • Wednesday Night: Track workout with SRC at Garfield High (8×1000 – average 3:40 per 1000)
  • Thursday: 6.25 easy afternoon run to Brooks (8:30 pace)
  • Friday AM: 8 mile commute into work half road and half trail to try out new Cascadia 10s (9:00 pace, 896 ft gain)
  • Friday PM: 6 mile commute home on the road (8:30 pace, 1000 ft gain)
  • Saturday: 16.5 mile trail run – 2:35 in duration 3442 ft gain 9:35 pace

All in all not a bad bit of work. An ideal week for me includes some sustained work at speed, hill repeats, trails (to keep me happy), track, and a long run. Got it all last week. All in all about 69 miles.

What do you think about my approach? Tips for adjusting my training?

Whats Next? The Lake Sammamish Half on March 7. I was all excited to start tapering today but then I read that I don’t need two full weeks to taper for a half so I ran hard today and I’ll do some track on Wednesday but I am cutting back milage.


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