Four Summits Run – Issaquah Alps

Mid run selfie by a waterfall

Mid run selfie by a waterfall

On November 2nd I finally completed an adventure run that I’ve embarked upon at least four other times and had to bail out each previous time that I’ve been calling the Four Summits. The idea is to start at the house and run the rest of the way up Somerset Hill and then on to the summits of Cougar (Wilderness Peak), Squak (Central), and Tiger (West Tiger 3) with a pickup by an incredibly understanding and supportive wife at the High Point trailhead.

About three years ago I printed out some maps and highlighted a route for this ambitious project and I’ve taken them on every attempt. I knew that this may be my last attempt since the maps were completely falling apart.

Past attempts were abandoned due mostly to running out of time. Although one attempt was too late in the season and I had no idea how much snow would be on the top of Tiger – on this attempt I was trying to reverse the route starting at Tiger.

It was an amazing run. I am often overwhelmed by how much I love the natural beauty of this area and the feeling of pure wild euphoria I get when I am running in isolation with reckless abandon on a mountain trail in the middle of the forest. I count it as one of the great blessings of my life that we moved here and particularly that we chose to live in the neighborhood we did. It’s been a powerful influence in my life to live in the midst of the wonderful network of trails on Somerset Hill and to be less than 2 miles from Cougar Mountain.

Highlights / Lowlights:

  • Wilderness Cliffs of course – love this trail
  • Intensity of the climb up Squak
  • First time up the Section Line trail to West Tiger 3 – that is a steep trail. Not much running during that climb.

The run ended up being about 20 miles with 6000 feet of climb. Not a bad days work.


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