2015 Boston Bound

Super excited to get to run the Marathon in 2015 after being relegated to the 5k in 2014. I was interested to see that 1:02 under was required to get in this year. With hard work last year I was able to get 10 minutes under to leave no doubt.
I know a lot of people are frustrated that they didn’t get into the race despite running a qualifying time. Having been in the same position last year I know their pain. However, I totally side with the BAA on this one. Everyone knows the rules – and the fastest people are the ones that get in. If you want a better change of getting in you just have to get faster. A qualifying time was never a guarantee to actually get in the race. I’m amazed that my 20 second squeaker time got me in for the 2013 race. I wonder if I’d even consider trying again if I hadn’t gotten in that year – maybe I would have toned down my whole running hobby.
I will be running the St. George marathon next weekend and I’m hoping to qualify for 2016 – but that is a subject of another post.


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