2014 St. George Marathon Preview

I’m excited for the 2014 St. George Marathon next week. I’m not sure what I’m more excited for – seeing how my all star running trainee Carrie Hong performs or my own result. Going into training for the 2014 race I vowed that I would take a step back and do everything I could to make sure Carrie had all the time to train she wanted. I think I was relatively successful. She is in her peak form and I think she will really run a great race on Saturday.

With more of a focus on Carrie’s training I wasn’t sure what level of fitness I’d have coming into the race. However, I found some nontraditional ways to work in some effective training. Rather than a standard schedule of waking up and running before work I fit my runs into either my lunch hour at work or as part of my commute. I seldom drove my car to work the last few months either biking in or running in – and more often running in.

The week before the fair I put together a 72 mile week with many of the miles run with a hefty pack on my shoulders. This was an effective strengthening block. On the days that I rode my bike into work I also took occasion to fit in a quick speed work session at the Junior High track I pass by.

I’ve also got some good running blocks in while staying in India the past two weeks. I mostly ran on the treadmill the first week and that usually is good for my fitness as long as I can avoid injury. When I labor on the Dreadmill I typically run faster to get it over faster.

By fitting all these training sessions in I feel like I’m in pretty good form. I’ve been debating how to approach the race. I feel like I’m in good enough shape that I could run a conservative race and probably BQ by 5 minutes and run a 3:05. However, as I’m getting older I don’t know how many PRs I have left in me and since I’m in good form maybe I should take a riskier approach and try to see just how fast I can finish – I’ll have another shot at a BQ time for 2016 when I run the 2015 Boston. I’m leaning toward go big or go home. Head out at a 6:50 per mile pace and plan on speeding up after the Veyo hills. And try to see how much heart I have left for the last 10k.


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  1. You have enabled and encouraged me to train hard and I can’t wait to see how we both perform. You are a great coach and training partner. ❤️

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