Shriner Peak – Last Day of Rainier Family Camp Trip 2014

My loving wife let me run off our last morning in Rainier to do a run I’ve wanted to do for a long time – Shriner Peak. 

View of Rainier from the trail up Shriner Peak. Stole this image since I didn’t take any photos.

It is a pretty simple out and back – sustained uphill for 4.1 miles and then reverse the route. 

It was another amazing stretch of trail with spectacular views of Rainier and some really great wildflowers. Saw a single tiger lily and some popping crimson columbine along with all the other usual flowers. 

The way the mountain pops up when you come up a rise and around a bend is a fabulous reveal. Being at Paradise or Sunrise is liking being on God’s doorstep. His castle is right before you in your face. The view from Shriner was like looking at God’s castle from afar when you can see its full majesty and the beauftiful landscape around it. 

The lookout on top was fun to checkout. I really want to camp in backcountry campsite 1 some day. With my tent door facing the mountain. 

The trip up took 1:17. I bombed it down in 37 minutes. 

Went pretty minimal. A couple of hand bottles and a some fruit snacks. No phone so no pics.

Tiger Lily

Crimson Columbine


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