2014 Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon Race Report

Rather than post a lengthy narrative I’m just doing bullet points for this one. It was an awesome day to race cool and overcast but the rain held out until after I finished.

  • PR 1:21:46 in the Half. Beat my time from last year by 5.5 minutes. 6:15 pace.
  • 15th Overall. 2nd in my age group
  • Complaint about Sean the Race Director – he ended up in 2nd overall which pushed me down to 2nd in my age group rather than first in my age group since 1st in my age group got pushed out of the top 3 overall due to him jumping in the race.
  • Ran with Mindy which is always fun since we talked about the race a lot and pumped each other up.
  • All Brooks Gear – SRC Singlet, Pure Cadence, Brooks Shorts
  • Arrived in the nick of time – Carrie helped out
  • Felt good. Training had been going well. Went to an online race time predictor and put in my 5k time from Boston and it said I should be able to run a 1:19:56 – what the heck? Could I really do that?
  • Plan – 6:10 to halfway point and see how much more I had – perhaps drop down to 6:00 – just in case that wacky website was right.
  • Went out very fast – 5:45 first mile followed by two 6:05 miles. In a pack with the old guys
  • Had unfortunate road rage with the car that came up behind me on the course
  • Forced myself to slow down when I as running with the older guys at 6:00 pace. Mike Mazzotta caught up to me and introduced himself and wanted me to run with him and I hung for a while but he was going to fast for me on the fist half of the course.
  • A younger pack caught up with me but they were still too fast. Mike followed them.
  • Caught back up to Mike around mile 8
  • Lana Lacey 1st woman passed me about mile 10. It was funny when she was behind me and I didn’t see her – I think she shadowed me for a while – because everyone was cheering for her since she was the top woman and I pretended they were cheering for me.
  • Ran for the pride of the SRC in a sea of Orange club Northwest folks. Seriously – Sean must have given them all free entry.
  • Nice fast 13th mile – 6:05
  • Mindy finished a strong 2:02
  • Can I keep up the PRs? I’m surprised I’m still seeing these big PRs. My training will likely start to show diminishing returns and I’m getting older – but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe someday I’ll hit that sub 1:20 half.
  • What’s next? Get intense for hills and long distances as I prepare for the Scout Mountain Ultra Trail 100k in 1 month.

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