Why I am Going Back to Boston Even Though I am not Running the Marathon

While on my flight to Boston from my little work diversion to London, I pondered why I felt it was so important for me to go back to Boston this year even though I’m not running the marathon. My qualifying time was 60 seconds slower than it needed to be – a pox on all the really fast people who decided to qualify this year!

Boston Bound
Boston 2013 was a powerful experience. I felt like I ran it stronger than any race I’d run previously. It was a spectacular running day and I felt a joy during the run that I’m not sure that I’ve experienced anywhere else.

I want to go back to remember both the joy and the tragedy.

I want to go back to be a part of the tribe of spectacular people who run in the biggest event in the running world.

I want to go back to show that I’m not afraid to run and that I’m stronger than I was before the bombing.

I want to go back to see if I can PR in the BAA 5k since I can’t run the Marathon. Official goal time is to run it under 18 min.  Secret stretch goal is under 17 min. I ran a 18:05 about six weeks ago on a pretty hard course and I feel like I’m stronger now so there is hope.

I feel like being at the race in 2013 puts me in a club of people that had this extreme experience together and I have a deep need to be around those who also experienced it to grieve and celebrate a year later.

I don’t know if this is for healing or celebration or just because I think Boston is a really cool place to be during the Marathon.

I do know that I’m really excited to be a part of it – even if I don’t get to be in the main event. I’m excited to cheer for Shalane and see her race for the people of Boston. I’m excited to track all of the fastest runners in the USA. I’m excited to see people all over the city wearing their Boston Marathon jackets.

I have a feeling that our family will make many more trips to Boston in April in the years to come.



  1. The closer it has gotten to Boston week, and especially now that it is here, I am SO glad we agreed that you should return. For so many reasons I am glad you are able to be there to remember and reflect on all that was Boston 2013. Looking forward to a future Boston where our Abigail is able to cheer you (or me) to the finish.

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