Runkeeper Feature Wishlist

I’ve used RunKeeper as my activity tracker almost exclusively for nearly four years (here’s a like to my profile if you want to be friends on RunKeeper: I tried out a few different trackers (MapMyRun, Nike+) a few years ago but I kept coming back to RunKeeper. Admittedly having all my activity history with them is a powerful lock in effect. For the most part I use the app because it’s been a really great user experience and I’ve never had reason to leave.

I don’t know what the big project eve is that they are about to announce but here are some features I would love to see. These are more incremental rather than revolutionary:

  1. Intervals in audio cues: I often use RunKeeper to track distance when doing speed work intervals or during races and it would be great to have the option to hear the elapsed time since the last audio cue to give you a feel for how you are doing on each interval or mile on the race. This seems like a simple option to add in the preferences. You would just get another cue that said “Last Interval: 7 minutes 15 seconds”.
  2. Better treadmill support: When I run on the dreadmill I usually wear a strap to monitor heart rate. I’ve tried to use this with RunKeeper in the past but it seems to get confused since there is no distance component. It would be great to have RunKeeper track the amount of time exercised and provide a graph of heart rate over time in my activity log so I can see how it varied over the workout. You could also have the ability to enter a distance from the treadmill after the workout to have a record of that as well.
  3. Change the audio cue timing during a workout: Sometimes I will run to a track to do speed work and I want audio cues in .25 mile increments while doing speed work so I can get more granular splits. But I want to move back to audio cues in 1 mile or .5 mile increments for the rest of the run. For some reason you can’t change the audio cue timing during an activity. You have to end the activity and change it and start a new activity. I’m sure the geniuses at RunKeeper could come up with a good way to do this.
  4. Target pace (this might exist but I’m not sure how to use it): Set a target pace for a workout and then get feedback if you are above / below target pace
  5. Route heat maps: A way to overlay all your GPS data for a time period on the same map so you can see where you tend to run the most
  6. Country / State game: Show a world map with all the countries and states you have run in highlighted – it would be a fun thing to see how you have run all over the world.
  7. Workout editor: allow users to design their own workouts – distance / pace / elevation goals for time increments. Same type of features as #4 to cue the user when to pick it up / slow it down.

RunKeeper is like my little friend that goes with me on every run. I love looking back on past activities and reminiscing.



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