Attempt To Run Dungeness Spit


On vacation in Sequim and I went on a morning run to the fabulous Dungeness park and thought I’d check out the spit. When I got there it was totally runnable. The sand would slow me down a bit and there were some rocks to scramble around but it looked like a kick in the pants. Unfortunately as I got down to the spit the ranger informed me there was no running. This is so strange. This was the first time I’ve ever encountered a trail that allows hiking but not running.

So I speed walked about a mile and a half down it. What a let down. I’m not sure I understand how me running is more invasive then the troops of people tromping around with their trekking poles, rowdy teenagers, and cigarettes. I worked very hard to respect the jogging ban and only started running again as I got off the spit and ran back up the hill.

The same ranger busted me again and made a big deal about it being the second time. The odd thing was that there was a sign on the spit that said no jogging on the spit after the first half mile. Which clearly implies there is some jogging on the spit allowed. Whatever. So the spit is not a great place to run. But it is beautiful. And the surrounding park has a few nice trails. Just make sure you don’t get out of line with the rangers.


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