2014 Finaghty’s St. Patty’s Day 5k Race Report


I felt pretty good going into the Finaghty’s 5k this year. I have been mixing up my training routine this winter. I’ve included more cycling and swimming but I’ve also been pushing it hard on the treadmill. I’ve also been doing more hill work. The previous week I had a good track workout that made me confident that I could rattle off six minute miles.

I was worried about the weather. The puget sound in mid March is typically very wet.

I wasn’t supposed to run the race but I snuck in by persuading our adopted Grandparents in the area to join us and take care of the kids during the adult race. My wife Carrie and Aunt Becky were also running the race.

The kids participated in the 1k fun run and that was exciting. Kaylee and Danny ran hard. It was cute because the morning of the race Danny woke up early and was excited to do some warm up running at about 6:30 am. It made me excited to see him have enthusiasm for something I am passionate about.

Danny and Kaylee ran hard and it inspired me to see the effort that Danny put in to run right to the end.

My actual race went well. I tried to position myself at the front but there were a bunch of kids up there. I did get out front pretty quick after the gun though. After the first hundred yards I was in sixth place and we moved through the first mile in 5:37. That was a pretty fast pace for me but I was feeling good. I was running pretty closely with a guy from Eastside Runners and about a mile in we picked off a guy that was in all neon green. The ER guy passed him first and stretched out a 20 yard lead on me before I passed the neon green guy.

Mile 2 passed by in right at 6 minutes. I was now in fifth and I was closing in on the ER guy for fourth. The first three were well out of sight. In the last mile I pushed the pace because I felt I had something left. I passed the ER guy early in the last mile and hoped if have enough to make it stick and not get passed back. I almost got run over by a SUV that wandered on the course but it didn’t slow me down much. I tried to chase it down and smack it but it pulled away before I could reach it. It gave me a nice shot of adrenaline.

The last bit has a short uphill close to the end and I kept drawing on my hill work to attack it.  My shoe came untied with about a half mile to go but I ran through it knowing I was almost to the end. Luckily I didn’t trip over my laces. The last mile went by in 5:44. I’m pretty happy with stringing these splits together. I was able to hold on to the pace I was looking for. It’s a nearly 1 minute PR and as I usually only run one 5k per year. I anticipate that a few more weeks of training and a faster course at Boston should help me go under 18 minutes. I’m excited for it.

The course is somewhat challenging for a 5k. It has a few significant hills and is very twisty. The weather was great considering the time of year. The rain held off until after the race. My official time as 18:08. I took Fourth place overall and First in my age group.

Gear: Solomon Running Tights. Sugoi Seattle Running Club shirt, Brooks Pure Connect 2 shoes.

I liked the Pure Connects for a 5k. I’m not a huge racing flats guy but it was nice to race with a little lighter shoe.

Here’s the route: Runkeeper


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